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Blister Packaging Machine With CE cGMP Certification

Jun 18, 2021
These DPP 260R blister pack machine is quite useful in all kinds of mass production and all kinds of capsules or tablets or pills and all of these pharmacy materials are totally feasible.

This equipment has an quite easy operation and cleaning due to its quite reasonable and scientific design and stable structure.

pharmacy blister packing machine

260R can successfully and smoothly run as quickly as it can but it will never retreat the blistering material when it stops.

DPP 260R blister pack machine has the highly intelligence emergency stop device to successfully ensure the quality of product because this device can quickly stop at once if there is any emergency.

It is quite excellent in its automatic setting because the whole packing and blistering operation process is completely automatic then the operators can have much more free time to do other things.

It has gained a huge numerous praises from clients in the domestic market and the overseas market and it completely meets the GMP rules and CE.

DPP 260R blister pack machine has won numerous attention and respects from the world and there are numerous clients deeply appreciate it such as Guangdong Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group.

This blister packaging machine pharmaceutical capsules tablets is totally safe for the clients because all of its parts of all stations are equipped with safety covers.

It has the setting of automatic alarm and fragments stop functions of PVC and PTP to safely protect all the parts of this equipment and all products in this equipment.
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