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Capsule Filling Machine Usage And Types |

Aug 30, 2021

Capsule filling machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for hollow capsules filled with powder, particles or liquid equipment.

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Guangdong Rich Packing NJP series capsule machine is an industrial grade automatic mechanical equipment, used for filling the pharmaceutical industry powdery active substance into the hollow capsule.

Capsule filling machine has automatic, semi-automatic and manual capsule filling machine and other different types.

The purpose of the capsule filler is to fill the powder and lock the capsule.

According to the degree of automation of the machine, it can be divided into the following categories:

1. Automatic capsule filling machine:

Automatic capsule filling machine can automatically complete a variety of production processes, production process without manual intervention. It is suitable for filling capsules in large quantities. They are intrinsically very durable.

2. Semi-automatic capsule filling machine:

Semi-automatic capsule filling machine, its name itself indicates that it can partially automatic and manual work. Their device design is very simple and very easy to operate. It's very sanitary to use.

3 manual capsule filling machine:

Manual capsule machines are mainly used in the small pharmaceutical industry because they produce fewer capsules and therefore can be done manually. It requires no power supply and can be operated manually.

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