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Cause Analysis And Solution Of Insufficient Hardness Of Tablets Compressed By Tablet Press

Jul 22, 2021
During the normal operation of the tablet press, we will inevitably encounter the depressed tablets that are not hard enough. This is a very worrying job. Let's analyze the reasons and treatment methods that cause the pressure not to be hard.

(1) Reason:

The amount of adhesive or smoothing agent is small or inappropriate, so that the particles are unevenly distributed, and the coarse and fine particles are stratified. Even if the pressure is increased, the tablet cannot be restrained.

Treatment method: Use appropriate adhesive or increase the dosage, improve the granulation process, mix the granules and other methods.

(2) Reason:

The damage of the drug is not sufficient, and the content of the drug or oily ingredient with rich fibrous, elastic drug or oil is not evenly mixed.

Treatment method: The drug can be destroyed by more petite, viscous adhesives, increase the pressure of the tablet press, add oil-type drug receivers, and mix well.

(3) Reason:

The water content is not suitable, too little water or dry particles are more elastic, because the drug containing crystal water loses more crystal water when the particles are dry, becoming brittle and easy to crack. However, the hardness becomes smaller if it is excessive.

Treatment method: The granulation process should control the water content according to different types. If the prepared granules are too dry, spray an appropriate amount of dilute ethanol (50%-60%), mix them, and then press the tablets.

(4) Reason:

the physical properties of the drug itself. Determined by brittleness, plasticity, elasticity, and hardness, for example, elastic materials become smaller when compressed, and shrink due to elasticity after decompression, so the tablet becomes loose.

Treatment method: Different medicines need different pressure and other auxiliary materials to control when using the tablet press to compress the tablets.

(5) Reason:

mechanical elements. If the length of the punch is not the same, or the pressure adjustment is different, the speed of the tablet press machine is too fast or the particles in the hopper are sometimes too small.

Treatment method: Adjust the pressure of the tablet press, change the punch, the speed of the tablet press and the cutting speed.
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