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Classification Of Cartoning Machines

Aug 24, 2021
The RICH PACKING automatic cartoning machine can be divided into several different categories according to the different distinguishing types below:

cartoning machine automatic

Distinguishing the different feeding methods can be divided into semi-automatic cartoning machines and fully automatic carton packing machines according to the level of automation;

The difference in production speed can be divided into low-speed, medium-speed and high-speed models. The values for distinction are 80 boxes, 150 boxes and 150 boxes per minute, respectively;

Distinguish the difference of carton sealing box can be divided into hot melt glue spray cartoning machine and mechanical tongue cartoning machine;

Distinguish the different applications of the industry can be divided into medicine and medicine board cartoning machine, food candy cartoning machine and cosmetics cartoning machine, etc.

The difference between the vertical and horizontal cartoning machines is the way the carton is presented when the product is loaded. If the carton is standing on the machine and equipment for loading, it is called a vertical cartoning machine.

cartoning machine factory

The application scenarios are mainly powder particles and liquid materials, and generally have the functions of weighing and metering.

The carton flat-loading model is called a horizontal cartoning machine, and its application scenarios are bag packing, bottle-like and block-like material packing. This is what we usually call an automatic horizontal cartoning machine.
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