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Detailed Interpretation Of Common Problems Of Aluminum Plastic Blister Machine (Ii)

Aug 19, 2021

2. Hot press sealing

In the process of hot press sealing of roller aluminum plastic blister packaging equipment, PVC tape and aluminum foil are meshed and rolled by roller heat sealing rollers and anilox rollers parallel to each other at a certain temperature and pressure. The contact between heat sealing roller and anilox roller is linear contact, and the necessary pressure is absolutely small.

In the hot press sealing process of flat aluminum plastic blister packaging device, PVC tape and aluminum foil are sealed by flat heat sealing plates and chequered plates in a unified three-dimensional under certain temperature and pressure. The contact between heat sealing plate and chequered plate is surface contact, and the necessary pressure is absolutely large.

Whether it is roller type or flat plate type hot pressing sealing, when there are problems such as unclear heat sealing mesh, different mesh depth, and blister formation caused by PVC belt displacement during thermal stress, it must be handled from the following aspects:

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(1) Whether the aluminum foil is a qualified product and whether the hot sealing surface is coated with hot-melt adhesive meeting the requirements;

(2) Whether the temperature of heating equipment is too high or too low;

(3) Whether the operation of the PVC tapes or these aluminum foil has abnormal resistance;

(4) Whether the heat sealing die is qualified, whether the appearance is flat and lubricated, and whether the blister formed on the PVC belt can be smoothly sleeved into the hole of the driving roll;


(5) Whether the anilox lines on the anilox roller (plate) are clear and consistent in depth;

(6) Whether the cooling system of heat sealing die works normally and effectively;

(7) Whether the pressure required for heat sealing is normal, which is abnormal if it is lower than 0.4MPa;

(8) The thermal active (plate) and anilox roller (plate) are not parallel in the capsule tablet blister machine.

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