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Detailed Interpretation Of Common Problems Of Aluminum Plastic Blister Machinery (Iii)

Aug 19, 2021

GMP Pharma Capsule Blister Pack Machine

3. Other questions

1. The full servo control aluminum plastic bubble cap blistering packing machine is equipped with various active monitoring equipment, which can play a variety of maintenance purposes, and actively stop the machine when the following problems are found:


(1) The safety cover is open or not in place;

(2) when the pressure of compressed air is lower than 0.4mpa;

(3) The heating temperature of each station is lower than or higher than the set range;

(4) PVC or aluminum foil is used up;

(5) The packaged drugs have been used up;

(6) Mechanical overload in some stations;

(7) Power load of blistering machinery automatic;

(8) The temperature of cooling water system is too high;

(9) Equipment operating pressure overload or electrical path load fault alarm;

2. The high speed feeder is not good at cutting

(1) The appearance of the drug contains high viscosity powder or the drug is too wet to cause astringent taste and high viscosity;

(2) The drug is light (less than 300mg), which affects the feeding speed;

(3) The mold is not aligned with the bubble cap hole;

(4) the feeding plate is too high;

(5) insufficient brightness leakage plate and blind plate;

(6) The slope of the blind plate of the leakage plate is not correct;

(7) The amplitude and frequency of the vibrator are not correct;

3. Disappear, skip bag or skip medicine

(1) Vibrator resonates with the equipment;

(2) The driving roller is not stable;

(3) Printing plate step is not correct;

(4) Step jitter;

(5) the driving roller of these blister packing packaging machinery automatic is not pressed or the strength is insufficient;

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