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How To Maintain The Capsule Machine's Loader

Jun 26, 2021

automatic capsule machine

1, When automatic capsule machine works normally for a long time, the parts in direct contact with the drug should be cleaned regularly, and also when the drug batch is replaced or stopped for a long time.

2, The transmission mechanism under the machine worktop should regularly add appropriate lubricating oil (grease) to reduce wear on the moving parts.

3, main drive reducer should check oil volume once a month, fill oil timely and replace lubricating oil once every six months; it shall be replaced once every 3000h, and 90 # oil is generally used according to experience.

4, safety clutch plays a protective role when machine overload, the clutch should not slip during normal load, but it may also slip for a long time, when normal use skid, the round nut of the clutch can be tightened to achieve the purpose of ensuring the normal operation of the machine and playing a protective role.

5,The vacuum separator of the capsule filling machine's vacuum system mainly plays the role of inhaling the capsule into the upper and lower modules and separating the cap and body. If the capsule cannot separate the cap and body, the subsequent filling will not be performed. When the turntable of the machine operates at 1 station, the main shaft of the machine rotates for 1 week, and the vacuum separator moves up and down 1 time under the action of the cam. If the separation of the capsule cap and body is not smooth, check the gap between the upper plane of the vacuum separator and the lower plane of the lower module. The clearance makes the vacuum system reach the vacuum degree required (about 0.05MPa) by the body separation, and the gap is too small and easy to produce jacking to deform the lower module. When the position of the vacuum separator needs to be adjusted, turn the main motor shaft with the handle to raise the vacuum separator to the highest position, loosen the lock nut at the two ends of the adjustment bar under the machine table, then rotate the regulating rod to adjust the height of the vacuum separator, then lock the nut, and turn the main motor shaft test with the handle until appropriate. Vacuum degree is read on the vacuum table of the machine operation panel, the vacuum adjustment valve can be opened appropriately when the vacuum degree is too high, and the vacuum adjustment valve can be closed small or closed when the capsule filler machine's vacuum degree is too low. The filter of the vacuum system shall be open regularly to clean off the blocked dirt to ensure sufficient vacuum degree of the vacuum system.

6, drive chain shall be checked once a week with proper grease to tighten if necessary. When the chain is too loose and needs to be tightened again, the tension wheel should be moved to adjust, but the chain should not open the chain or can not remove the chain from the open chain wheel, so as not to disrupt the movement order of the whole mechanism and prevent the interference of the mechanism movement.

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