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Let's Talk About The Packaging Materials Of Aluminum Plastic Blister Machine

Jul 09, 2021

PVC, PP, aluminum foil, dialysis paper, these are our common packaging materials used in aluminum-plastic blister machines. However, although these materials are the same packaging materials, there are many differences in performance and packaging requirements.

For example, in terms of packaging time, dialysis paper or packaging materials with child-resistant structures usually take longer than ordinary aluminum foil.

This is because for the former, the heat from the heating station must pass through paper, PET film and aluminum foil before reaching the heat seal.

Longer heating time. It means lower production speed, and it is easy to cause deterioration of some medicines due to prolonged exposure to high heat environment.

The difference in aluminum foil material will also have different effects on the packaging effect.

Under the experimental conditions, the soft aluminum foil performs better in reducing the curl of the blister.

However, aluminum foil packaging is not suitable for all materials.

For some items with high elongation at break, such as effervescent tablets, fragile tablets or very small tablets, aluminum foil packaging may not be suitable;

because in the process of removing the aluminum foil packaging The soft shell of these tablets or capsules may also be damaged.

In addition, it is necessary for us to improve our understanding of the importance of long-term control over the quality of the sealing effect, because the packaging effect of many packaging materials will be very different in the short-term and long-term performance.

Some materials of blistering machine have a very good sealing effect when the packaging is just completed. Good, but in the next few days, its adhesive strength may be different, and even peeling occurs.

In addition, when the packaging is just completed, the sealing effect may not be good, but as time goes by, its sealing The effect is getting better and better.

In addition, even some packaging materials with very good sealing performance may lose elasticity over time, especially when exposed to extreme environmental temperatures, it will become brittle and damage the integrity of the package.

Even packaging materials with similar functions and performances have many differences in their performance and requirements during use.

The packaging materials of blister packaging machine automatic are only a small part of our aluminum-plastic blister machines.

For our understanding of the entire machine There is still a lot of work to do.
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