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Milk Tablets Blister Packaging

Oct 21, 2021

Milk flakes, as a deep-processed product of milk, are made by pressing milk powder, plant creamer, whey protein powder, sucrose, etc., and are a kind of nutritious instant snacks. At present, 90% of milk tablet packaging uses a flat blister packaging machine, which plays an important role in storage and transportation.


blister packing machine

Milk tablets are rich in protein and fat. If stored improperly, they are prone to oxidation and deliquescent, which will reduce their nutritional value, and even produce peculiar smell and agglomeration, which will affect consumption. In order to ensure that milk tablets can have a long shelf life to avoid, the above problems need to be protected by high-barrier packaging materials and excellent sealing technology.


Flat blister packaging, also known as PTP packaging (Press through Packaging), is to fill the contents into a blister formed by vacuum suction (blowing) or compression molding. The lid material such as aluminum foil is placed under a certain pressure and temperature. It is heat-sealed and sealed with the foamed substrate under time and time.


The main body of the cover material is aluminum foil made of 99% electrolytic aluminum by calendering. It is the most used metal material in packaging. It is non-toxic and tasteless. It has excellent moisture-proof, gas-proof, taste-retaining and light-shielding properties, which can be the most effective protection. The quality of the contents. After the aluminum foil is printed on one side, the surface is coated with a protective agent, and the other non-printed side is coated with a layer of adhesive, which is convenient for heat bonding with the foam material. The main function of the protective layer is to prevent the surface of I aluminum foil from oxidizing and deteriorating, protecting the ink layer from falling off, and preventing the ink from contacting the inner adhesive and contaminating the contents when the aluminum foil is mechanically wound. The main function of the adhesive is to meet the sealing performance of the blister package machinery, and it is required to be evenly coated on the aluminum foil.


The blister material used by blister packing machine is mostly PVC or PVDC hard sheet. Although PVC has a significant gap in barrier properties of water vapor, gas and light compared with PVDC, it is better than the price advantage. For the content that is not particularly sensitive to water, oxygen and light, The packaging barrier effect of "PVC+aluminum foil" is sufficient.

blister packaging machine

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