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Rotary Tablet Press Is More Perfect To Install Dust Collector

Aug 16, 2021

Vacuum installation:

1 External vacuum cleaner

Rotary tablet presses generally use external vacuum cleaners to collect dust.

They are mainly divided into mechanical dust collectors, wet dust collectors, electrostatic dust collectors, and filter dust collectors. However, mechanical dust collectors are commonly used.

A vortex pump is used for dust collection.

The mission principle of the vortex air pump: the impeller of the air pump is composed of ten rare blades, which are similar to the impeller of a gas turbine.

The centrifugal force moves away from the edge of the impeller and enters the annular cavity of the pump body.

Because the centrifugal force and the extraordinary shape of the cavity also have an effect on the air, the active air returns to the impeller, and the cycle starts from the starting point of the blade in the same way.

Activity. Because the air is evenly accelerated, the recurring airflow generated by the impeller twisting causes the air to escape in a spiral motion trajectory. The air filtered by the filter belt is discharged into the room, and fine dust will be generated in the room.

If the vortex air pump runs for a long time, the vortex motor will have a fever and the pump will be easily clogged. In addition, the powder storage tanks produced by most manufacturers are not well sealed, which makes the vacuum cleaner's dust collection results poor.

2 Built-in vacuum cleaner

The other is a built-in dust collector.

The fan is placed inside the machine base.

The power is transmitted by the main motor.

The suction port is connected to the powder suction nozzle.

The filter element is filtered, and the discharged air flows into the tablet press room through the annular air duct inside the base.

The high-speed tablet press constitutes the internal dust removal system of the rotary tablet press.

This installed cyclone separator has a simple structure, small footprint, convenient operation and maintenance, small pressure loss, and low power consumption.

It is suitable for high temperature, high pressure and corrosive gases.

Even if the operation time is too long, the temperature of the motor will rise very much. Low, will not reduce the vacuum result.

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