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Technical Innovation Of Counting Machine

Jul 23, 2021

The earliest bottles of medicine and candy were counted manually. At that time, a traditional tool called counting board was used to count manually.

It is conceivable how unsanitary and laborious this is.

Until the 1970s, electronic capsule counting and bottling machine appeared in Europe, which is a small electronic capsule counting and bottling machine, which began the automation era of capsule counting and bottling machine.

First generation mechanical capsule counting and bottling machine:

It is a small electronic capsule counting and bottling machine, which is only the size of a desktop computer. The first generation capsule counting and bottling machine uses the prefabricated holes and slots on the template for counting, which is prone to lack of particles, and it takes a lot of time for operators to change varieties, which has been difficult to adapt to the modern multi variety and small batch drug production mode.

Second generation photoelectric capsule counting and bottling machine:

The automatic tablet counting machine was not officially applied to the pharmaceutical industry until the late 1970s.

The full-automatic tablet counting machine also fully realizes the full automation of the mechanical packaging equipment outsourced by the pharmaceutical industry.

One of the technical cores of the second algebraic capsule counting and bottling machine is to install an infrared transmitting sensor on one side of each grain counting channel and another infrared sensing receiving sensor on the opposite side.

When particles pass through the detection channel, the infrared emitted by the transmitting sensor of the electronic digital camera is blocked, which will cause the sensing of the receiving sensor on the other side to change.

The central microprocessor samples and receives the sensing change value of the sensor in real time, identifies and judges through a specific algorithm, determines the characteristics of particles, and outputs pulses to the programmable controller (PLC) for counting and bottling.

Third generation electrostatic field capsule counting and bottling machine:

The third generation electrostatic field counting technology of automatic electronic film counting machine counts and identifies the particle composition by detecting the dielectric constant of particles through electrostatic field.

At present, the electrostatic field counting technology is still in the research and development stage abroad, and the maturity and stability of the technology need to be observed.

At present, the first and second generation of particle counting technology are mainly used in China, and more and more large pharmaceutical enterprises adopt the second generation photoelectric particle counting technology.

Automatic electronic counting machine, advanced photoelectric detection technology, wide application range, plain tablets, sugar coated tablets, pills, transparent or non transparent hard capsules, special-shaped tablets, etc. can be counted accurately; The accuracy of counting grains can reach 99.98%.

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