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The Flat-Plate Auto Blister Packaging Machine DPP

Sep 04, 2021

The flat-plate auto blister packaging machine DPP 260 R is practically used in the pharmaceutical, food, electronics, cosmetics, medical field and other industries.

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All these include such as capsules, tablets, candies, one-time injection devices, honey pills., gel masks.

And include special-shaped aluminum-plastic, the paper-plastic, all the Aluminum aluminum composite sealed packaging.

The blistering machine Dpp adopts the microcomputer programmable controller, and touch panel operation, frequency conversion speed regulation.

And adopts the high level of automation, the convenient operation and now is the ideal blister packaging equipment.

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1. Such as the parts of the forming, the heat sealing, indentation and the punching can be adjusted in the uniform three-dimensional space of the fuselage at will.

DPP 260R suitable for the packaging of various sizes of medicine plates, also with high precision and strong practicability.

2. Like adjustable stroke, automatic feeding, heating for plates, the positive pressure forming, the high and low texture; also the cylinder heat sealing, active indentation, batch numbering and robot traction, simple operation and all the reliable operation.

3. Rich Packing’s machine Adopt brand series helical gear accelerator, with the low noise and long life.

4. blistering positioning of mold pressing plate, the accurate plate alignment and convenient mold change.

5. DPP machine Combined mechanism, convenient for disassembly and assembly and convenient for maintenance.

6. DPP blister packer machine equipped with a vibration counter-foam feeder, in order to deal with the uneven feeding of the popular feeder and the problems of medicine piled up.

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