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The Foreign Development Of Blister Packaging Machine

Sep 17, 2021

At present, the United States is a strong country in packaging machinery in the world, and has constituted a relatively self-reliant blister packaging machinery system, and its type and output rank first in the world.

On the other hand, American packaging machinery has a high level of initiative, great technological progress, excellent quality and large export volume.

Japan, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Canada, and Mexico are all major consumer countries of packaging machinery. The main features of their advanced food and pharmaceutical blister packaging machinery are:

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1) Standardization and modularization of structural design

2) High precision of tectonic activities

3) Control intelligence and flexibility

4) High-speed packaging

5) Diversified packaging methods

China’s pharmaceutical blister packaging machinery and the industrially prosperous country have little gap in mechanical disassembly and parts processing, but there is a gap in product development, function, quality, reliability, and service.

The technology is primarily manifested in initiative. There are gaps in chemical control.

Most of the international production is based on single machines. There are many products with low technical content and few products with high technical added value and high productivity.

Intelligent equipment is still in the development stage. Its main features are: low speed, low accuracy, low reliability, low degree of automation and intelligence, although some PLCs and instruments with intelligent control functions have also been adopted, but overall, most of them are still more automated.

Medical blister packaging machinery with low motor control and no data storage, collection, and modification functions.

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