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The Most Popular Model of Blister Packing Machine

Jun 07, 2021
The most popular model of blister packing machine is the DPP series 160 blister packing machine.

DPP-160R blister packaging machine in accord with the standards rules of GMP cGMP CE production, and the whole packing process of all kinds of things packing can be finished automatically, such as hot forming, materials feeding and etc. This blister machine has been sold to numerous countries and enjoys a high reputation among all the customers in all over the world due to its good quality, the high efficiency, the high speed and zero error in traction accuracy and etc.

DPP-160R fully automatic capsule blister packing machine is a professional equipment which developed by professional team of our Rich Packing company, we have our own professional factory, all the members are the high-tech talents. And our Rich Packing company has passed all kinds of the certifications, we have excellent before-sales service and after-sales service and etc. Our's reply time in 2 Hours.

This high speed blister machine is easy to clean and maintain, very convenient and very safe. And during the whole packing operation process, the packaging materials such as pvc alu pet will not retreat when 160R stops, it can safely protect the blister plate product.

DPP-160R blister packing machinery has the functions of PVC and PTP fragments stop, the automatic alarm, it can reduce waste and dramatically improves the efficiency of the raw materials usage.

Molds and products can be safely protected due to 160R's scientific design, blanking misalignment, photoelectric detection, automatic shutdown function and etc.

This 160R machine is stable in operation, it has the emergency stop setting function, the operation can be stopped at once at any time.

And the world famous brand products are used in the electrical appliances, the whole set of the blister packaging machine's mold can be installed rapidly without any difficulty.
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