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The Most Popular NJP Capsule Filling Machine Model

Jul 05, 2021

The hottest-selling fully automatic capsule filling machine model currently on the market is the D model of our Richpacking company’s NJP1500.

The following will briefly introduce this NJP1500 capsule making machine.

When the 1500D automatic capsule filling machine is running, the capsules in the capsule bucket in the first working position will enter the capsule feeding plate through the capsule funnel, and the entry direction of each capsule will be sorted by the capsule comb. correct.

First, it is pushed to the outside of the capsule by the horizontal fork, and then sucked into the mold by the vertical device and vacuum. The hollow capsule separates the capsule cap from the capsule body under the action of vacuum suction;

The task of the third station is to move the lower module of the mold downwards and outwards to expand to a predetermined position;

The fourth station is the material filling station of the core 1500D capsule machine. The material in the hopper passes through the filling rod in the patented filling station. The 1500D capsule machine sends the material into the capsule body;

The fifth station is a transition station;

The sixth station uses strong air blowing to remove all the capsules that are not properly separated, and collect them in the material recovery bin together;

The mold under the seventh station moves inward and upward again to prepare for closing;

The eighth station is to complete the preparation of the finished product and lock the correctly filled capsule;

The ninth station is the final discharging station, and the finished capsule is pushed out to complete the work;

The tenth station is the last process of a set of capsule production process. After the powerful vacuum cleaner cleans the mold holes, a new work process is restarted.

This new 1500 full-automatic capsule filling machine has a variety of patented designs and applicability for full-size capsule production. Customers are welcome to contact us Richpacking.

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