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The Trend of Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging

Oct 24, 2021
The trend of pharmaceutical blister packaging

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1) Complete and effective maintenance of medicines. As with any packaging method, maintaining medicines and ensuring the effectiveness of medicines is the fundamental requirement of blister packaging.

2) The safety and convenience of medication. Develop safe packaging suitable for children and easy-to-handle lunch packaging.

3) Develop nano blister packaging. The use and development of nanotechnology and nanomaterials in the field of medicine will provide a golden opportunity for the development of Chinese pharmaceutical blister packaging.

4) Complete high barrier packaging. Quickly develop blister packaging materials with excellent barrier properties to complete high barrier packaging of medicines and ensure the effectiveness of medicines.

5) Protect drugs completely and effectively. Like any packaging form, protecting drugs and ensuring the effectiveness of drugs are still the basic requirements of blister packaging.

6) The safety and convenience of medication. Develop safe packaging suitable for children and convenient packaging for the elderly.

7) Unique anti-counterfeiting packaging. The use of new technology to achieve diversified anti-counterfeiting of blister packaging materials can not only reflect the individualization of pharmaceutical packaging, but also protect the company's products and brands

8) Adapt to OTC medicine packaging by blister packing machine. The use of blister packs to clearly, clearly and effectively display the medicines and conveniently supply them to patients will be a major part of the OTC. medicine production and distribution process that will not be ignored.

blister packaging machine

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