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The Using Of Blister Packing Materials

Sep 17, 2021

Pharmaceutical packaging is a very special commodity packaging that belongs to the packaging category.

First of all, it must have various excellent functions of packaging; secondly, it must also have the function of maintaining the efficacy of medicines. Aluminum foil is used as the packaging of medicines, which has the advantages of beautiful appearance, light weight, gas barrier, and light barrier, which makes it a star among medicine packaging materials.

blister packing machine

With the improvement of people's awareness of health and wellbeing, the aluminum foil using blister packaging machine has deepened into the lives of every one of us, and is responsible for the important packaging tasks for human well-being.

For the finished products of aluminum foil medicine blister packaging machinery, the quality of the product is largely reflected in the heat-sealing strength of the product.

For this reason, we need to analyze the factors that affect the heat sealing strength of aluminum foil medicine packaging, which is very necessary to improve the quality of products.

The adhesive layer (also known as the VC layer) of the aluminum foil medicine packaging has excellent thermal adhesion, and can be heat-sealed with PVC film under heating (the adhesive force is the strength of the heat-sealing, according to GB12255--- The 90 rule must reach 5.88N/15mm or more), the medicine in the PVC film blister can be completely sealed.

This kind of adhesive force is not affected by temperature and humidity during long-term storage, and can maintain the efficacy of the medicine. Moreover, the finished product made by the capsule blister packaging machine is convenient to carry.

blister packaging machine

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