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Troubleshooting Of Water Cooled Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

Jun 11, 2021

The water-cooled aluminum foil sealing machine in electronic counting machine line adopts sealing technology, composite aluminum foil sealing mode, automatic online high-speed sealing machine and non-contact heating.

It is suitable for sealing all kinds of plastic bottles, glass bottles and composite plastic hoses. It is the current sealing technology for medicine, food and daily chemical bottles.

1. Over current indicator is on for a long time

Inspection points: whether the water pump and fan are running

Treatment content: professional maintenance or contact with the manufacturer

2. Unable to start

Check points: whether the over-current indicator is off and whether the power regulation is too large

Processing content: restart after preheating for 30 seconds or turn down the power regulation to restart

3. The cooling indicator is not on

Inspection points: whether the cooling system works normally and whether the water tank is short of water.

Treatment content:

professional maintenance and add distilled water or purified water Precautions for use of aluminum foil sealing machine in electronic counting machine line:

1. The cap is not tightened  ( This problem can be solved by tightening the bottle cap when sealing each time.)

2. Uneven bottle mouth

3. There are very obvious burrs on the bottle mouth

4. There is dust or other attachment on the bottle mouth

5. Heating power and operating speed do not match

6. The tilt of the sealing box leads to the imbalance of the sensing temperature

7. Adjust the position of the bottle body on the conveyor belt, which must correspond to the down arrow on the equipment and be in the center state.

8. There is a large amount of dust in the sealing box, which needs to be cleaned

9. The adjustment distance between bottle mouth and sensing surface is too far in electronic counting machine line.

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