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Use Of Aluminum Plastic Aluminum Blister Packing Machine

Aug 25, 2021

With the rapid development of China's machinery manufacturing industry in the near future and the fact that the epidemic has affected foreign market counterparts unable to resume work and production, customer demand for packaging machinery products is increasing day by day in mainland China.

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Overseas customers generally put forward higher and higher requirements for the quality and production speed of the finished packaging of the blister packaging machine.

This phenomenon has further promoted the continuous improvement of the packaging machinery industry and the driving force for the endless emergence of new packaging machinery products.

The flat-plate automatic blister packaging machine is a new product based on the current market demand and the new trend of international pharmaceutical packaging development.

Our RICH PACKING company has carefully researched and developed new products based on the original models in order to extend the shelf life of medicines with the technical team.

The new R model blister packing machine is complete and powerful, realizes the integration of machine and electricity, can automatically and continuously complete the capsule discharge, external packaging material forming, heat sealing, blanking into boards, quantity calculation and waste recycling, etc.

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In the process, the blister tablet board with beautiful appearance is finally achieved.

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