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Why is Our Capsule Filling Machine A Better Solution

Jun 13, 2021

capsule filler machinery always consumes extremely little energy but creates extremely high production thus it is extremely economic and beneficial.

Final capsules can be filled timely no matter how many capsules the clients need and no matter how urgent the time is.

It can continuously produce as long as 7 days 24-hour at extremely high speed to timely meet urgent needs of clients.

capsule filler machinery 1500D has extremely low mistake rate of 3% or less than that to ensure extremely excellent quality offinished capsules.

1500D hasthe emergency alarm setting to go off and it will shut down if there is something missing to ensure good quality of capsules.

The using brand of the control setting in capsule filler are famous in the world and it is a good assistant for operators to print various things like production date, code and so on.

1500D capsule filler machinery is safe for operators to use and it doesn’t need operators to observe and handle by hand one by one because the filling process is automatic.

No powder in filling progress will be allowed to enter into the bearing to make the machine stuck to affect the efficiency.

Its extremely high degree of precision mold concentration makes no deviation can be found and no wiping or defect capsule can be found in 1500D.

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