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Why is The 160R DPP Blister Packing Machine Popular With Pharmaceutical Customers

Jun 18, 2021
Blister packing machine 160R has been sold to numerous countries and regions in the whole world, and to receive numerous praises and 160R DPP blister machine has been extremely famous among clients.

It is not only extremely excellent performance in its the high production speed and the high packing performance but also extremely excellent in its high stabilization of blistering.

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Various material things can be successfully packed without any supervision because the whole running process of this blistering equipment is perfectly automatic to save time and save cost for people and save labors for pharmaceutical enterprises.

Blister packaging machine DPP is extremely easily rapid to change the mould and it is extremely quick for users to finish the mould installation of this DPP 160R within an extremely short time of 10 minutes.

It is extremely convenient for people to use the functions of the alignment adjustment because it has unified horizontal positioning setting, adjustment range and the stations of cutting and forming are fixed. And all the stations are strictly equipped with the safety covers to ensure the safety of people in case of accident.

Blister pack machine 160R is extremely excellent in its protection for the both molds and products for it has the functions of automatic shutdown, automatic blanking misalignment and intelligent photoelectric detection.

It is extremely excellent in its stable operation because it utilizes a latest type of the helical gear reducer motor. It is extremely good for the environment because it has an extremely low noise of less than <75dBA which will never make the packing production environment too noisy to be bore.
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