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Working Process Of Blister Packaging Machine

Sep 24, 2021

The PVC sheet on the reel passes through the guide roller of blister packing machine, and the PVC sheet is unrolled evenly by the dynamic elasticity of the roller-type forming mold.

The semi-circular arc heater heats the mold close to the forming mold to the hardening level, and the bubble hole of the forming mold in blister machine.

blister packing machine

The shape is moved to the right position and the mechanical vacuum system is figured out to instantaneously blister the hardened PVC sheet.

When the formed PVC sheet passes through the hopper or feeder, the tablet is filled into the blister.

As long as the active roller in the continuous dynamic heat sealing equipment has a hole pattern similar to the molding die, the active roller drags the PVC foam sheet filled with tablets forward Mobile, and the hot pressing roller with anilox on the surface presses on the active roller Above, apply temperature and pressure to seal the cover material (aluminum foil) with the PVC sheet.

After the sealed PVC blister sheet made by blister packaging machine, a series of guide rollers are used.

The batch number is printed at the set position when the intermittent movement passes through the typing device, and then it is punched.

The equipment is used to punch out product sections, which are transferred from the conveyor to the next process to complete the blister pack pretend industry.

Summary process: PVC sheet unwinding at uniform speed→PVC sheet heating and hardening→vacuum blowing→tablets into blister→line contact heat sealing with aluminum foil→typing and printing→punching into blocks

blister packaging machine

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