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Electric Automatic Pill Counting Machine

The 8B Capsule Tablet Electronic Counter is our 13th generations of specialized equipment. On the basis of the technical advantages of the professional and the technical workers, our RQ company has developed the 8B electronic counting machine. 8B in the PLC touch screen and the safety function protection and window observation and other aspects of a big upgrade. The DSL-8B's production efficiency range is between 15 and 35 bottles per minute.

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    DSL 8 B Electronic Counting Machine
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    Counting Tablet / Capsule / Pill / Candy/Button
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    Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
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    CE, ISO, SGS and etc.
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    Yantian, Shenzhen / Yangshan, Shanghai
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Automatic Pill Counting Machine DSL-8B

The 8B pill counter machine is RQ group’s 13th generation of specialized machinery.DSL-8B Base on the technical advantages of the professional and technical working, our group has developed the 8B electronic counting machine. 8B mainly improved in the PLC touch screen and safety function protection and window observation and other aspects ofthebig upgrade. The DSL-8B's working efficiency range is between 15 and 35 bottles per minute.

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***  Technical parameter

Name counting machine DSL-8B

Production capacity

15-30 bottles/min

Net weight of machine


Counting Precision



380/220V    50Hz

Total power


***  DSL-8B’spowerful scanning and safe protection system.

The electronic counting particle scanning system used in DSL-8B adoptshigh powerful unit.

small counting machine

***  The360 degree moving PLC system in DSL-8B.

8BPLC touch screen can rotate in 360 degrees for easy operation.

PLC capsule counting machine

***  Excellent shockproof system design in 8B.

We have installed a shock absorber spring system inside the DSL-8B machine.

automatic pill counter machine

***  Certification: SGS, CE, ISO

gmp capsule counter

***   Why you should choose ours’ DSL-8B electronic counter?


This RQ group by our professional production workers after years of skilled experience in the development of 8-channel vibration electronic grain counting machine has a very strong counting accuracy. His accuracy lies in the accuracy of counting function and bottling function are more than 99.8%, which is far higher than the industry standard. As for the final product part of 8b electronic counting machine, we use the Chinese national patent counting in the last bottle blanking flap part. This determines that the electronic granulator can open and close the cylinder valve without damaging the material.

The electronic counter adopts damping spring, which can directly realize the characteristics of good stability and greatly reduce the running noise. We use the dust-proof high-power counting system unit in the dsl8b electronic counter, which can work stably even in the high dust environment under extreme conditions.

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