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Part Two Of The Operation Of The Blister Packaging Machine

Sep 10, 2021

Aim At The Gap Between The Two Plates, Press The Upper Pressure Roller, And Pull Out The Foam Tape For About Two Meters. When The Upper And Lower Molds Of Blister Packing Machine Are Separated, Press The Stop Button To Stop;

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Use A Steel Ruler To Measure, The Length Of The Foam Tape After The Molding In Blistering Machine Is Similar To Or Minus 1Mm About The Circumference Of The Feed Roller,

And Then Press The Start Button To Test Blow The Pvc Plastic Tape Into A Nest Up To The Standard Length Of 4 Meters, And Perform The Next Preparation Task.

The Blister Tape Formed By The Positive Pressure Of The Flat Plate Of The Capsule Blister Packaging Machine Is Passed Around The Guide Roller To The Filling Platform.

The Blister Is Pressed Into The Socket Of The Heat-Sealing Roller, And The Guide Roller Is Pressed Into The Socket. The Aluminum Foil Is Laid, And The Texture Is Waiting.

When The Temperature Of The Roller Is Reached, Turn The Heat-Sealing Gathering And Dispersing Knob To On And Press The Start Button To Do The Job.

When The Heat-Sealed Aluminum-Plastic Foam Tape of Blister Packing Machine Is Pulled Out 1.5 Meters, Press The Stop Button To Stop.

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