• Jul 24, 2021 Pray for Henan! Pray for Zhengzhou!
    Since July 17, heavy rain and heavy rain have occurred in most of Henan Province. Severe rainstorms occurred in Zhengzhou, Jiaozuo, Jiyuan and other places. Weihe River, Jialu River, Shaying River, Hongru River, Baihe River and Shuangyi River have flood processes. Gongyi, Dengfeng, Xinmi and other places were seriously affected. Zhengzhou Meteorological Bureau combed and summarized the data of this severe rainstorm: From 20:00 on the 17th to 20:00 on the 20th, the rainfall in Zhengzhou for three days was 617.1mm. Among them, hourly rainfall and single day rainfall have exceeded the highest record in 60 years since Zhengzhou meteorological observation station was built in 1951. The average annual rainfall in Zhengzhou is 640.8mm. From July 17 to 20, the rainfall in these three days is equivalent to that in the past year. According to the weather forecast, from July 20 to 21, there are still heavy rain, local heavy rain and extraordinarily heavy rain in the north of the Yellow River, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Kaifeng, Pingdingshan and other places in Henan Province. China's national flood control headquarters decided to start flood control level III emergency response at 20:00 on July 20. The Henan working group of China's national headquarters for flood prevention and control has rushed to the scene to assist in flood fighting and rescue work. After the disaster, the theater in Central China quickly launched the emergency plan. The front command headquarters was dispatched urgently to command more than 3000 officers and soldiers of the theater troops stationed in Henan, armed police forces and militia, more than 80 vehicles (boats) and equipment, and put into rescue and disaster relief simultaneously in 10 regions. In the face of every disaster, it is our children who take the lead to save the people and ensure peace. Guangdong Ruiqi company and its employees engaged in the production of capsule filling machine, aluminum plastic blister machine and electronic counting machine.  Thank you! Everyone must be safe!
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  • Jul 23, 2021 Please Be Kind To The Company's Customers
    The employees of Guangdong Rich Packing Company, who have more than 28 years of experience in manufacturing capsule counting machines, like Chinese classical literature very much. When we communicate with customers of capsule filling machines and aluminum plastic machines, we often chat with each other about Chinese classics. In the ancient Chinese literary work "San Zi Jing".  The first sentence is: at the beginning of man, the nature is good, the nature is similar, and the habits are far apart. The explanation is: when people are just born, they are all kind. Everyone's personality is very similar, but the difference is getting bigger and bigger due to the difference in living environment and learning environment. From a biological point of view, living things create the environment, and the environment also affects living things. People in the world can be divided into two types. Good guys and bad guys.  Bad people are not born bad people, and good people are not always good people. With the development of the times, people get along with each other cautiously.  Use taciturn to make armor to protect yourself. We are not afraid of giving kindness, but we are afraid that kindness will bring even more unscrupulous harm.  But as the saying goes, there can be gains without paying. Things always need to be paid first, so why don't we pay a little kindness.
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  • Jul 23, 2021 Rich Packing Scenery Of Guangzhou Tower
    Every city has its landmark. For example, the French Lafayette castle, The Paris Opera House, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, white house, Times Square, China's Statue of Liberty, Oriental Pearl, and so on. Each building has rich national and regional colors. Each company also has its own unique main products, such as our aluminum-plastic blister machine, rotary tablet press, capsule filling machine, etc. It's a great honor to look up at the office address of Guangdong Rich Packing, our main electronic capsule counting machine, and see the Guangzhou tower. Under the Guangzhou tower, people seem small, but it is these small people who gather together and send out infinite power to promote the progress of society. People and vehicles coming and going from high-rise buildings never stay for half a minute. Just like a station, different cars go to different destinations and see different scenery. The people on the bus get off early or late. We should not despise the people who get off early or look up at the people who get off late. Because the world is more colorful because we see different scenery. All the employees of Guangdong Rich Paking take the same car called future expectation. Look forward to the future.
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  • Jul 15, 2021 Rich Packing's Live Event In The Second Week Of July
    At 16:30 on July 15th, the live broadcast of our Rich Packing company has been carried out in the GMP exhibition hall. The main content during this live broadcast event is that customers who watch and sign an intentional order during the period will have a 5% discount on live broadcast products. In this event, our main promotional offer is the latest designed capsule tablet electronic counting machine, the product model is RQ DSL 16H automatic counting machine. We have sufficient stock of this machine. For customers who have signed a contract of intent with us and paid the advance payment, we will arrange delivery within 7 days according to the address provided by the customer. The cost of common customized items for machines that are sold during the live broadcast will be directly reduced or exempted, such as the upgraded discharge port of the 16H electronic counting machine and the three-color running prompt warning light. In addition to the above-mentioned 16H electronic counting machine, our main products include the new blister machine, rotary tablet machine and corresponding machine models to participate in the activity. Our live footage led the audience to browse our workshop and GMP showroom during the event.
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  • Jul 13, 2021 Rich Packing Live Preview of Capsule Filling Machine and Aluminum-Plastic Blister Machine
    The e-commerce store of our Rich Packing company will have a live broadcast tomorrow on July 14. During the live event, customers who watch and sign an intention order will have a 5% discount. In addition, some machine customization fees will be directly reduced or exempted, such as: The discharge port of the electronic counting machine is upgraded and the three-color reminder light is running. At that time, all our main products will participate in live discounts, including the new 160R and 260R aluminum-plastic blister machines, 8D and 16H capsule tablet electronic automatic Dynamic counting machine and 27D rotary tablet press machine. In addition to the product order discounts mentioned above, our live footage will lead you into our workshop and GMP showroom. On July 14th, at 09:30 Beijing time, we will meet in the Rich Packing live broadcast room, and there will be a lottery at that time. We have prepared a variety of gifts waiting for your visit. The first prize is our free business travel service in China. Lucky guest who got this reward Customers can get free of charge during the 5-day business trip in Mainland China. We look forward to meeting you in Guangzhou after the epidemic.
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  • Jun 18, 2021 Welcome to the Production Workshop of Aluminum Plastic Blister Machine
    After nearly 30 years of struggle and accumulated experience, our company has established a production base of nearly 10000 square meters in Zhejiang Province, in which the workshop area for manufacturing aluminum-plastic blister machine exceeds 2000 square meters. Let me introduce the high-end aluminum plastic blister packing machine 260r produced by this professional workshop. Blister packing machine is extremely excellent and professional in solid type materials packing and it has been sold to numerous countries and regions and it has successfully obtained numerous praises from customers. The customers at homeland or abroad deeply appreciate it and we have been professional in making pharmaceutical and packing machines for many years thus we are professional. It is extremely excellent in it stop high speed which can successfully and timely meet the urgent orders of clients. DPP 260 R-type Blister packing machine is extremely excellent in its cleaning and maintenance due to its scientific and reasonable design of large platform. It is excellent in its setting of the PVC and PET fragments stop as well as automatic alarm which can efficiently reduce the waste rate of product to ensure the raw material usage. The whole set of mould can be quickly to replace for users and it can be rapidly and convenient installed within an extremely short time of 10 minutes. Blister packer machine has an extremely high degree of safety because all the parts of this equipment are equipped with safety covers to safely protect the people who use it. This equipment completely meets the standard rules of GMP cGMP CE ISO and we have our own professional team in our professional factory. This blister pack machinery is extremely excellent in its noise pollution protection because it is extremely low in noise of less than <75dBA to ensure relatively quiet environment.
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  • Jun 07, 2021 RICH PACKING's Capsule Tablet Electronic Counting Machine Workshop
    RICH PACKING invites you to visit our capsule tablet electronic counting machine workshop This is the production workshop of our company's automatic capsule counting machine. The following will introduce you to the manufacturing and production of RICH PACKING's counting machine and the strict control system of our workshop.  Now please follow our pictures and walk into the production workshop of the automatic electronic counting machine. The following pictures show the production process system for the production of a fully automatic tablet counting machine, such as the raw material storage warehouse, the production workshop and the test factory site. Of course, only the pictures cannot fully show the rich production experience and large-scale production strength of our Richpacking company. Customers are welcome to contact us. If you are interested in RICH PACKING's electronic counting machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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  • Jun 13, 2021 The Cartoning Machine Manufacture Workshop
    Rich packing invites you to visit our automatic intelligent high-speed cartoning machine workshop. This is our rich packing company's workshop specializing in the production of cartoning machines, covering an area of more than 2500 square meters. Next, we will introduce to you our management and production procedures and mechanical production process control system. Now, please follow our camera to the place where the R & D, assembly and inspection of the box filling machine leave the factory. The following figure shows the production process system of the production cartoning machine. The whole workshop is mainly divided into raw material storage warehouse, production workshop and test plant site. Due to the limited space, rich packing company is very clear that the production capacity and R & D strength of the factory can not be fully displayed by just relying on a few pictures on the page. Welcome customers who are interested in cartoning machine to contact us. We rich packing warmly welcome you.
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  • Jun 07, 2021 The Blister Packing Machine Production Workshop
    This is our company's production workshop for the production of aluminum-plastic blister machines. This article will give customers a comprehensive introduction to RICH PACKING's aluminum-plastic machine production strength, its production philosophy and superior product quality.  Now let us take you into our aluminum-plastic machine production workshop. The following pictures introduce the raw material storage workshop, the workshop of technical workers and  the trial machine site of customized products for the production of fully automatic aluminum-plastic blister machines. Pictures alone cannot fully demonstrate the scale, strength and product quality of our RICH PACKING company. We have more videos that cannot be presented. If you have a business trip plan in China and are interested in our RICH PACKING manufacturing experience, you can get in touch with our commercial department and we can arrange your itinerary in China.  And to provide you with the necessary conditions for visiting our production base, this trip can show you the good quality of our RICH PACKING workers, the perfect production process in the workshop and strict quality control. If you are interested in RICH PACKING's aluminum-plastic blister machine, don't hesitate to contact us.
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