• Oct 14, 2021 The Blister Packaging Machine Was Delived Smoothly Again
    The blister packaging machine was shipped smoothly again by Rich Packing In October, when the temperature continued to drop, good news of successful cooperation between Guangdong RICH PACKING Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. and its customers was heard frequently. Through the hard work of all RICH PACKING employees, the equipment project cooperated with Singapore customers was guaranteed within the specified time. The production was completed in quantity, and the packaging and loading were completed in accordance with customer requirements and related regulations, and smooth delivery was achieved. In order to meet the blister packing machine production requirements of customers, we have worked overtime and overtime with the front-line employees according to the customer’s production time. The equipment has been fully produced and assembled. After strict tests by the quality inspection department, the test data fully meets the factory specifications. The product shipped this time is a liquid honey blister packaging machine, related customized feeders, individual barrels, single-head feed nozzles, chillers, air compressors and related accessories. Although the order quantity is large and the production is busy, our quality has not declined, busy and not chaotic, busy and orderly, each equipment will go through multiple process inspections before shipment, which is our company's principle from beginning to end. Our company's advanced blister packaging machine production technology, excellent product quality, and considerate after-sales service enable each cooperation to be carried out in an orderly manner. It has won the trust and support of customers at home and abroad, and has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with customers.
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  • Oct 14, 2021 Customers Come to Inspect The Capsule Filling Machine
    Customers from abroad came to the site of our RICH PACKING company to inspect the new automatic capsule filling machine. With the continuous development of the company and the continuous innovation of technology, along with the continuous accumulation of manufacturing and production experience, RICH PACKING Technology Group Corporation is also constantly expanding the domestic and international markets. On October 7, 2021, customers came to visit our company. Accompanied by Mr. Fu's technical staff and sales manager, the customer visited the workshop and manufacturing equipment of the company's factory, and had a detailed exchange of our company's strength, product status, and sales status. This foreign customer has very strict technical requirements for the equipment purchased this time. After the visit, the customer was very satisfied with our capsule filling company’s equipment, saying that this inspection has seen our company’s mature and advanced technology and strong production strength, and decided to cooperate with our company. cooperate. On the same day, the customer signed a cooperation contract with our company. The good quality and considerate service of RICH PACKING's fully automatic capsule filling and filling machine are the most powerful marketing. Thank customers for their support and recognition of our company. RICH PACKING Technology Group will use 100% efforts in exchange for 100% customer satisfaction.
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  • Sep 30, 2021 With 29 Years Together, Rich Packing Thanks For Having You
    From September 1st to September 30th, 2021, this is the largest purchase promotion activity carried out by our company RICH PACKING today. This month, our sales performance has reached a new high. Before this event, we had made sufficient preparations, and started to increase the introduction of advertising rankings and precise traffic before the big promotion. RICH PACKING will not miss any opportunity for exposure. Our service team is online 24 hours a day, ready to answer any questions about capsule filling machines and aluminum-plastic blister packaging machines for new and old customers at any time. After the continuous efforts of the whole company and the whole team in the early stage of the event, our sales in September surpassed any month of this year. Among them, orders for rotary tablet presses, capsule counting machines and blister packaging machines have grown very rapidly, completing 54% of the annual sales plan in a single month. As a pharmaceutical and packaging machinery pharmaceutical industry, we have been a humble company in 1993, and now we have become a company that accounts for 43.6% of the industry’s sales. During the period, our company RICH PACKING encountered unknown difficulties and sadness. We persevered and summed up the experience of failures and mistakes. Through our unremitting efforts, we have our own mature and enterprising team. RICH Packing will bring you better service, better quality, and look forward to bringing surprises to more customers!
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  • Sep 30, 2021 Leverage Google To Deal with More New Customers
    September 28 is the third to last day of the September Purchasing Festival on the online platform. At 16:53 in the afternoon, Owen, the business manager, suddenly received an email from the German customer Schwab, saying that he would like to have a video conference at 19:30 Machine order matter about tablet press machine! At 19:30 in the evening, Owen took Mary, the director of overseas business department, to a conference call with Schwab and learned that Simon was recommending our company's new tablet press on the Google homepage, and then went to our homepage and saw us Purchasing festival discounts for new and old customers on the homepage of the website. The video conference lasted for nearly 1 hour. After continuous modification and confirmation of the plan, the final order amount was confirmed at US$81,500! Schwab also expressed his thanks to Owen and Mary at the end of the video! Thanks to Google’s recommendation for giving us more opportunities to present the new and popular rotary tablet press in front of customers so that customers can find us more easily! Because I believe and see, RICH PACKING will make unremitting efforts to present a better and more convenient rotary tablet press to our customers, and provide customers with more convenient and comfortable services.
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  • Sep 30, 2021 RICH PACKING wishes Happy Chinese National Day
    The end of the world sang, chanting the words of wine to celebrate the National Day. The Chinese sons and daughters have a heart-to-heart, and wish their mothers a long life. The blue waves boiled over the Yangtze River, and the Chinese sentiment was boiled with passion. On the harvest day of October in the golden autumn, drink wine together to celebrate the country. Guangdong RICH PACKING pharmaceutical and packaging machinery company is a domestic machinery company specializing in the research and development of pharmaceutical and food and chemical processing machinery. It integrates development, production and sales. It is a high starting point, high development, high technology, knowledge, industrialization, innovation, The international strategic business philosophy is China's innovative enterprise. The company's main products are blister packaging machine, capsule filling machine, ZP series rotary tablet press, fully automatic capsule tablet counting machine and cartoning machine. RICH PACKING adheres to the principle of mutual benefit and win-win, common development and management, pursuing the philosophy of constant trust, confidence, deliberate high standards, strict requirements, and honesty to provide customers with high-quality services and pursue higher quality together. On special days, don’t let loneliness wreak havoc, don’t silence greetings, don’t let the air be deserted, and don’t let care be absent. Send a blessing, let go of a wish, special greetings, to the special you: Happy National Day!
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  • Sep 18, 2021 China's Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Is About To Have A Bright Future
    In the recent years, with the rapid growth of my country China's economy and the gradual increase in the scale of medical and health expenditures, my country's the pharmaceutical industry has developed rapidly. In order to further promote the development of my country's the pharmaceutical industry, the many pharmaceutical companies continue to introduce the new technologies and equipment to improve the production efficiency and the quality. The author will take you to RICH PACKING. It is reported that the company introduced the international advanced technology ("blow molding-filling-sealing" technology) in 2009, which is used in the production of capsule filling machines, aluminum-plastic blister machines and rotary tablet presses. Today, through years of practice, the company has accumulated rich experience in pharmaceutical and packaging machinery production technology innovation and management capabilities. In order to pursue high product quality and efficiency, RICH PACKING began to introduce the domestic advanced CNC machining centers in 2009, and regained inspection methods with advanced instruments, and gradually formed a strict quality assurance system. As the "engine" of the pharmaceutical production, the pharmaceutical equipment is undoubtedly conducive to the improvement of the quality of pharmaceuticals and the efficiency of the pharmaceutical production at the same time as the improvement of its technology.
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  • Sep 10, 2021 The Pharmaceutical Machinery Industry Will Become An Important Boost For Development!
    Today, With Increasing Aging And Increasing Demand For Medicines, Under The Background Of A Series Of Policies Encouraged By The Chinese Government, The Development Of Various New Medicines In Mainland China Has Begun To Accelerate, And The Research And Development Efforts Of Pharmaceutical Companies Are Also Increasing. According To Data From The Insightdata Database, There Are 5 Pharmaceutical Companies In Mainland China That Have Invested More Than 2 Billion Yuan In R&D In 2020, And The Cumulative Total Of More Than 1 Billion Yuan Has Also Exceeded 18. In Addition, It Is Worth Mentioning That In Order To Gradually Promote The Development And Marketization Of Innovative Drugs, The Collaboration Between Pharmaceutical Companies On Innovative Drugs Is Also Increasing From Time To Time. It Is Reported That In The Near Future, Many Pharmaceutical Companies Have Announced That They Will Join Forces And Cooperate Vigorously In The Development Of New Drugs. From An Overall Point Of View, In The Context Of The Development Of My Country'S Innovative Drug Expenditure, Major Pharmaceutical Companies Have Continued To Slow Down Their R&D Layout In The Field Of Innovative Drugs. In The New Situation, How Can The Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry, Known As The ""Initiator"" Of The Pharmaceutical Industry, Provide Pharmaceutical Companies With Innovative Drug Research And Development Tasks? Following This Trend, Professionals In The Industry Estimate That With The Continuous Advancement Of Favorable Policies And Market Conditions In The Future, The Domestic And International Demand For Pharmaceutical And Packaging Machinery Will Also Have A Huge Market Prospect. Industry Analysis Believes That The Demand For Pharmaceutical Equipment, Especially High-End Pharmaceutical Equipment, By Pharmaceutical Companies Will Expand From Time To Time. Therefore, Our Rich Packing Pharmaceutical Equipment Company Will Vigorously Improve Our Existing Capsule Filling Machines, Rotary Tablet Presses, Automatic Cartoning Machines, And Tablet Counting. R&D And Sales Of Machine And Aluminum-Plastic Blister Machine.
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  • Sep 10, 2021 The 87th China International Pharmaceutical Equipment Exhibition
    China International Pharmaceutical Equipment Exhibition Is A Professional Platform For China'S Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry For Further Training, Identity, And Collaboration. It Has Been Paying Attention To The Hot Spots Of Green Production, Continuous Flow Production, Intelligent Production And Other Industries, And Completed The ""Made In China 2025"" Supply For The Chinese Pharmaceutical Raw Materials And The Preparation Manufacturers. Information And Technical Support. At That Time, The Exhibition Will Gather More Than 300 Pharmaceutical Equipment Companies At Home And Abroad, Focusing On ""Craftsmanship"", Circumventing The Requirements Of Gmp And Glp, And Supplying Chinese Pharmaceutical Companies With Raw Materials, Packaging, Environmental Protection, Preparation Equipment And Other Equipment. Our Company'S Exhibition This Time Includes Capsule Filling Machines, Capsule Counting Machines, Blister Packaging Machines, Rotary Tablet Presses And Automatic Cartoning Machines. It Is Expected That Various Api Equipment, Packaging Equipment, Laboratory Equipment And Testing Instruments, Bio Pharmaceutical Equipment, Preparation Equipment, Pharmaceutical Water Equipment, Decoration Equipment, Clean Equipment, Automated Intelligent Systems, Environmental Protection Equipment, And Other Pharmaceutical Equipment Will Also Appear At The Exhibition. Equipment, Etc., Can Meet The Diversified Purchase Needs Of Customers Present. At The Same Time, The Exhibition Will Hold Multiple Pharmaceutical Equipment Supply And Demand Matchmaking Meetings, Pharmaceutical Equipment Viewing Tours And Other Themed Activities。 At The Same Time, Providing Opportunities For Exhibitors And Participating Guangzhou To Promote Sales.
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  • Sep 10, 2021 What Is The Prospect Of The Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry?
    Pharmaceutical Equipment Is An Important Machinery For Pharmaceutical Production, And The Most Important Capsule Filling Machine And Rotary Tablet Press Are Developed With The Demand For Pharmaceutical Production. With The Advancement Of A Series Of New Medical Reform Policies In My Country, The Transformation And Upgrading Of The Pharmaceutical Industry Has Accelerated. At The Same Time, Fixed Investment In The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry Has Also Been Increasing. The Industry Generally Believes That The Demand For Pharmaceutical Equipment Will Continue To Grow, And The Industry Will Usher In A New Round Of Development Opportunities. Data Show That In Recent Years, The Pharmaceutical And Packaging Equipment Market In Mainland China Has Continued To Expand. The Market Size Has Increased From 21.2 Billion Yuan In 2016 To Approximately 35.9 Billion Yuan In 2020, With An Average Annual Compound Growth Rate Of 14.04%. According To The Forecast Of The China Commercial Industry Research Institute, By 2021, The Pharmaceutical Equipment Market In Mainland China Will Reach 39.49 Billion Yuan. Overall, The Prospects Of The Pharmaceutical And Packaging Industries, Especially The Fast Cartoning Machine, Are Very Impressive. At Present, Compared With Imported Equipment, The Reliability And Stability Of Domestic Equipment Are More Prominent. However, In Recent Years, With The Continuous Efforts Of Domestic Enterprises, The Level Of Product Quality And Safety Has Improved. I Believe That The Pace Of Domestic Substitution Of Imported Equipment Will Continue In The Future.
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