blister packing machine

Automatic Counting Machine

Used to count various capsules, tablets or candies, gummies into bottle or bags, suitable for pharmaceutical factories, food production, health products, scientific research institutions packaging.


--Meet different production needs, include counting and bottling capsules, tablets, candies, gummies.

Tablets Capsules Candies Gummies

Customized for Your Needs

Especially for Tablets Capsules:


-Modular Maintenance only in 14 min

-Patented, No harm to materials

-Pneumatic bottling 50% faster than others

Especially for Candies Gummies:


-Sliding piece prevents sticking

-Teflon-coated channel for smooth delivery

-Widened PTFE hopper without blockage

Integrated Line Solutions:


-Rapid adjustment and independent use

-Simple and rapid assembly and separation

-Fully meets cGMP CE requirements

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