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Blister Packing Machine


--Also called Blister Packaging Machine,can automatically pack tablets, capsules, e-cigarette or others into blister plate or board.


blister packing machine


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blister packaging machine blister machine tablet blister packing machine
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Packing Tablets Packing Capsules E-Cigarette & Others

How Blister Packing Machine Work


Range of Blister Packing Machines


DPP blister machine capsule blister packing machine tablet blister packing machine
Small Capacity Medium Capacity Large Capacity
DPP-90R DPP-160R DPP-260R
Max 2,300 pcs/h Max 4,200 pcs/h Max 10,800 pcs/h


Model 90R 160R 260R 260H
Max Output (pcs/h) 2,300 4,200 10,800 48,000
Max Depth (mm) 26 26 26 26
Weight (kg) 350 1,600 2,600 3,100


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