• Aug 26, 2021 Tablet Press Coating Machine Line
    Our Rich Packing company has nearly 30 years of experience in the production of pharmaceutical equipment, and can provide customers with a complete set of tablet press production line solutions for the production of tablets and candy tablets. Our factory produces a variety of low-speed, medium-speed and high-speed tablet presses, supporting crushers, mixers, wet granulators, boiling dryers, granulators, rotary vibrating screens, tablet presses, and coating machines. Manufacture of tablets in various sizes, shapes, and two-color tablets. The company's ZP series tablet press product is an improved automatic rotary tablet press that continuously presses powder and granular materials into annular tablets, round tablets, special-shaped tablets and two-color tablets. The ZP tablet press is the first choice for mass production in pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, food and other companies. It can be easily solved especially for materials that are difficult to press. It meets cGMP production standards and has passed various CE and SGS certifications. . Our ZP series tablet press also has the advantages of high operating pressure and easy operation by workers. Rich Packing's tablet press has the functions of start-stop and speed adjustment. When customers use this option function, the tablet press can be stably and automatically connected with other equipment of the production line, such as screening, vacuum, testing, transmission, barreling, etc., so that tableting and production tasks can be completed quickly at the same time.   At the same time, the external equipment of the ZP tablet press also uses a real-time monitoring system to improve the safety and reliability of the entire production line. The on-line real-time detection system can be used to remove burrs, burrs and dust in the compressed tablets to ensure that the finished tablets are smooth, soft and shiny. The dust collection and monitoring function is to use the real-time monitor to configure the vacuum suction to suck the dust left on the workbench online.
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  • Aug 26, 2021 Automatic Counting Machine Production Line
    The high-speed counting line developed and produced by our company RICH PACKING is a complete material product counting and bottling line. Its filling objects include medicine capsules, snack foods, candy, small hardware buttons, etc., with a wide range of applications. The entire counting and bottling line consists of a high-speed bottle unscrambler, an electronic intelligent counting machine, a material desiccant filling machine, a bottle aluminum foil sealing machine, a capping machine and a labeling machine.  All the above machines will run synchronously through the PLC system after they are connected, and ensure the stability of long-term operation. The core part of each machine in the production line adopts a modular design to achieve rapid adjustment and independent use. The entire counting production line can achieve simple and rapid assembly and separation. The outer frame of the complete set of machines is made of excellent 304 stainless steel, and the material contacting part is made of 316 stainless steel, which fully meets GMP requirements.    The characteristics of RQ high-speed counting production line:     1-Compatibility is very strong across the board, and it is fully compatible (including special-shaped tablets), soft (transparent, opaque), pills and other solid preparations or granules (such as candies, nuts, candied fruit, etc.).     2-High level of system intelligence: Each machine adopts a Chinese and English dual language control panel, real-time operation monitoring and alarm function, strong linkage across the board and stable and smooth operation.     3- Counting and bottling efficiency is high: easy to control and adjust, easy to install and clean, long operation and low maintenance cost. Only three operators are required.     4- Each counting line equipment can work independently and has an independent PLC operating system. When multiple machines are linked, the separation is fast and the adjustment is fast to ensure that all production processes are synchronized and coordinated.     5- The workshop area is small (usable area <30 square meters).     6-The PLC control system adopts the international brand man-machine interface control panel, the operation is straightforward and simple and convenient.     7-Adopt anti-dust technology to ensure the stable operation of the machine in high dust environment.           8- The production line is cost-effective and has fewer wearing parts and low cost.           9- Each component of the production line can be configured according to customer needs, suitable for round and square bottles.
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  • Aug 26, 2021 Blister Packing Cartoning Machine Line
    The production line of aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine and high-speed automatic cartoning machine developed by RICHPAKING company has the advantage of making the material packaging have the effect of sealing, moisture-proof and light-proof, and improving the packaging quality of the product, and the intelligent PLC system controls the aluminum The blister cartoning machinery is linked to production, which is suitable for product packaging in the pharmaceutical, medical equipment, health care products, food and other industries. RICHPACKING Group has nearly 30 years of experience in the production of pharmaceutical and packaging equipment, and continues to upgrade and improve the horizontal high-speed aluminum-plastic blister carton box packaging production line. At present, this model adheres to the concept of partition management and compliance with drug production management specifications. It has the advantages of high production efficiency, simple operation, convenient maintenance, system intelligence, and real-time operation monitoring, thereby achieving a significant increase in the production efficiency of aluminum-plastic blister boxes. And the purpose of reducing the work intensity of workers, and this whole set of production lines fully solves the shortcomings of the old traditional models that are difficult to clean, maintain and debug, and it is difficult to change different molds. Model features: 1. Ultra-high output, extremely high efficiency 2. Modular design of key parts makes changing molds extremely fast 3. The aluminum-plastic cutter is accurate and fast, saving materials 4. Fully sealed design of the core part, in line with GMP 5. Recipe parameter memory function, which can be called quickly 6. Multi-servo motor linkage traction, stable and accurate operation for a long time
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  • Aug 26, 2021 Liquid Hard Capsule Filling Machine Production Line
    Liquid Hard Capsule Filling Machine Production Line The  RQ-NJY-300C full-automatic hard capsule filling liquid material filling machine and the supporting sealing linkage line equipment are hard capsules produced by our Rich Packing company on the basis of more than 28 years of manufacturing hard shell capsule filling liquid technology. In-line equipment that integrates liquid filling, sealing and drying processes. The NJY capsule production line equipment can fill hard capsules with liquid materials (including solutions, suspensions, microemulsions or hot melts, etc.) and seal the joints of the upper and lower caps of the capsule to ensure that the materials in the capsule are filled and It is always in a fully sealed state during the conveying process, which improves the stability and safety of the finished capsule. The NJYF300C liquid hard capsule production line provides a new way of packaging liquid materials, which solves the difficulties in the administration of many drugs. It is the breakthrough point of many large and small pharmaceutical companies and health care products manufacturers in the research and development of highly active and insoluble pharmaceutical preparations. Product performance and characteristics of RQ-NJY300C: 1. The machine adopts the internationally famous human-machine interface PLC control system, and the PLC real-time monitoring of the whole operation process is realized, and the automatic capsule and material shortage alarms are realized. 2. The specially configured capsule feeding machine has a vacuum positioning and separation mechanism to ensure that the capsule loading rate is over 99.5%. 3. The accuracy of dosage adopts the liquid adding system of servo motor and high-precision ceramic pump to ensure that the difference of capsule material filling quantity is controlled less than 2%. 4. The sealing mechanism of the liquid capsule product adopts a servo motor to control the lifting function, which realizes the up and down jog and the fine adjustment of the rubber wheel, and realizes the best effect of the liquid sealing layer. 5. The sealing structure is designed in the liquid sealing tank, and the heating and heat preservation system is equipped to ensure the viscosity of the capsule glue. 6. The drying mode of the liquid hard capsule finished product adopts a vertical suspension and free rotation structure, which reduces the drying time of the capsule and the installation, disassembly and cleaning time of the capsule filling machine by 50%.
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  • May 26, 2021 RichPacking's Full Service System
    Guang Dong Rich Packing Machinery Co., Ltd Provide! Guaranteed For 3 Years! Free Maintenance For Lifetime, Free Spare Parts. One Stop Shipment Booking & Customs Clearance. Provide Door-To-Door Overseas Service, Field installation, Commissioning & Training. Oversea Engineers Heading Once Get Visa. **** Pre-Sales Technical Consultation: **** Sales Technical Support: ****  Technical After Service:
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