blister packing machine

Candy Gummy Counting Machine

Specially designed for candy gummy counting


It can count while pack all kinds of candies and gummies into a bottle, which is suitable for health products, food factory production packaging.



Jelly Bean

Chewing Gums

Technical Advantages

Fortune 500 supplier Rich Packing bring the full candy gummy counting solution for you

Sliding piece prevents sticking

Teflon-coated channel for smooth delivery

Widened PTFE hopper without blockage

Pneumatic bottling 50% faster than similar models

How Candy Gummy Counting Machine Work

The Full Range of Candy Gummy Counting Machine

Small Capacity Medium Capacity
Large Capacity Production Line

8B 16R 16H 16HL
Max 35bpm Max 100bpm
Max 120bpm
Max 120bpm

Model 8B 16B 16R 16H
Max Output(bottles/min) 35 85 100 120
Power(kw) 0.6 1.2 2.2 2.5
Weight(kg) 360 550 650 900

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Especially for Counting Candies Gummies

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