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Capsule Filling Machine

With over 30 years of experience, as a Fortune 500 supplier, we provide lifetime warranty automatic, semi-automatic and liquid capsule filling machines to meet your capsule filling needs.


Capsule Filling Machine is suitable for filling powder, granules, oil or liquid to empty capsules.

njp capsule filling machine

Trusted by Fortune 500 Industry Leaders

1 Hour Free Solution & Free Testing

Semi Auto Capsule Filling Machine

Medium Capacity Large Capacity
CGN-208D CGNT-209
Max 30,000 pcs/h Max 40,000 pcs/h

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Medium Capacity Large Capacity
NJP-1500D NJP-3800D
Max 90,000 pcs/h Max 228,000 pcs/h

Liquid Capsule Filling Machine

liquid capsule filling machine
capsule liquid filling machine
CGN-208L NJYF-300C
Max 15,000 pcs/h Max 18,000 pcs/h

Excellent Quality comes from Powerful Strength

Approved by Customers in 70+ Countries

Full Service, Worry Free

Various models meet your requirements

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