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Tablet Press Machine


--Also called as multi-station tablet press, can efficiently press powder or granules into tablets with different sizes and shapes.

--According to different needs, with customized dies, the tablets can be pressed into such as round, triangle, ring, special-shaped and multi color or layer.




Common Ring Special Shaped


How Tablet Press Machine Works




The Models of Tablet Press Machines


Model 17 29D 26/50D 51/99D
Output (pcs/h) 35,000 75,000 330,000 950,000
Punch Pressure (KN) 60 100 150+150 150+150
Max Diameter (mm) 18 24 10 10
Max Thickness (mm) 6 12 8 8
Weight (kg) 500 1,600 1,660 5,510


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