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Capsule Filling Production Equipment

Sep 24, 2021

In the capsule filling production process of preparing capsules, the filling of drugs is the most important step.

capsule filling machine

1 Disposal of drugs

①Small-dose medicines or fine medicines can be directly broken into fine powder, passed through a No. 6 sieve, and filled after mixing.

②A large dose of medicine can destroy part of it into fine powder, and other medicinal materials are extracted into a thick ointment and mixed with the fine powder of the medicine, dried, finely ground, sieved, mixed and filled.

It is also possible to extract and dilute all the medicinal materials into an extract and add appropriate auxiliary materials to make small particles, which are dried and mixed and filled.

③The volatile oil should be filled with a receiver or fine powder of other drugs in the prescription first, or filled after inclusion.

④Drugs that are easy to attract moisture or produce eutectic after mixing can be distinguished, add an appropriate amount of concentrated agent, concentrate and mix before filling.

⑤Loose drugs are generally made into granules and then filled.

⑥Poisonous drugs should be filled with an appropriate amount of concentrate. The powder filling by capsule making machine is generally filled after granulation, which can improve the fluidity of the powder.

2 Drug filling method: When preparing most of the small quantities, teach practical training and fill it by hand. In mass production (production and preparation by pharmaceutical factories), active filling machines are now used. The filling of capsule preparation is manual capsule filling machine, active filling machine and semi-active filling machine.

capsule filling

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