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The Structure Of The Forced Feeder Of The Tablet Press

Sep 24, 2021

The forced feeder structure of the compulsory feeder in tablet press mainly includes three parts, and each part is analyzed as follows:

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(1) The power conversion part, whose function is to convert the one-way rotation of the output shaft of the geared motor into the reverse rotation of the material shifting impeller, that is, the relative rotation of the two impellers, to transport the material dropped from the hopper to the die hole in the turntable;

(2) The supporting part (ie auxiliary part), whose function is to position the compulsory feeder on the main body, has reliable and close positioning requirements for the turntable of tablet press machine;

(3) The part of the material shifting impeller and the material cavity, which is the part of the forced feeder that directly affects the stability of the material filling.

When designing the material shifting impeller and the material cavity, the design should consider this question: whether to ensure the fluidity of the material; or not to change the original state of the material.

In order to ensure the fluidity of the material, there should be an appropriate ratio between the external dimensions of the material shifting impeller and the internal dimensions of the material cavity.

When designing, attention should be paid to: First, the material shifting impeller should not be too small (relative to the material cavity), otherwise it will not be lifted. The function of fully shifting the material;

the second is that the shifting impeller should not be too large, and there should be a certain space in the material cavity to ensure the full flow of the material;

the third is that the tablet press’s structure and shape of the shifting impeller can play the role of fully shifting the material.

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