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Causes Of Dust In Rotary Tablet Press

Aug 16, 2021

The primary task of the rotary tablet press is the continuous three-step sequence of filling, pressing, and discharging.

The granular materials fall into the feeder through the hopper, and rely on the weight of the materials or are forced to fall into the hole of the middle mold.

The lower punch and upper rail guide pushes the pressed sheet out of the middle die hole, and then flows into the sheet slot.

The cause of dust in rotary tablet press:

(1) Dust generated during the manual feeding process.

(2) Regarding the popular feeder, the height of the feeding hopper is not properly adjusted, which causes the gap between the hopper and the grid feeder to be too large, and dust will also occur during feeding.

(3) Regarding the forced feeder, the connecting pipe between the feeding hopper and the forced feeder is not tightly sealed, and dust will also occur during feeding.

(4) Dust caused by the phenomenon of powder leakage due to excessively large gap between the bottom surface of the popular feeder or the plane of the scraper and the turntable.

(5) The material flow rate and the rotation speed of the turntable do not match the dust caused by the overflow scene.

(6) The punch is worn out due to long time use, which causes the gap between the punch and the die hole in the turntable to be too large, and dust occurs during the process of tablet pressing.

Rotary tablet press adds the need for dust collection:

The dust generated by the rotary tablet press can easily form "plugging" and damage the guide rails.

The dust generated in the electrical cabinet will cause electrical disconnection, which will contaminate the tableting room and is not suitable for cleaning and disinfection of the tableting room.

The die holes in the turntable are worn out and wasteful. Materials and other conditions, so it is necessary to add vacuum installation, accept and take over materials, improve the application rate of materials, and also meet GMP.

In the production process of the rotary tablet press, dust can easily fall into the middle punching plate due to the feeding installation or the participation of the material itself.

In addition, the common gap between the lower punch and the lower middle plate is too large, which will also cause the dust to fall into The lower punch plate, therefore, must use a special vacuum installation to clean up the dust.

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