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Main Features Of High Speed Automatic Cartoning Machine

Aug 24, 2021
Rich packaging company which has participated in various pharmaceutical and packaging machinery exhibitions, has a main product of high-speed automatic cartoning machine.

automatic cartoning machine

automatic cartoner machine

The three cartoning machines of RQ company have the following main features:

1. The double guarantee of high quality is the use of imported color touch screen and PLC control system, which can realize accurate control and automatic memory parameter setting. The parameterized control production of the cartoning machine of rich packaging takes into account the simple operation and labor saving.

2. The high speed cartoning machine complies with the health laws and regulations of the people's Republic of China and major countries in the world on food and drug production, meets the requirements of GMP certification, and can be used in food and drug industries;

cartoning machine

3. The whole body is covered with stainless steel and nickel plated chromium plates, which can prevent corrosion at the same time, be easy to clean and have a beautiful appearance.

4. The intelligent and powerful self inspection function program is equipped with the detection electric eye of large imported brands, and the automatic prompt and elimination function of no material shortage, so as to realize the purpose of saving procurement cost and eliminating unqualified products.

5. The high-speed cartoning machine maintains the wide applicability of the general model. By adjusting the material conveyor belt and box sealing guide rail, the operator does not need to replace accessories when replacing products
of different specifications and models, and can complete the packaging process of replacing products by controlling the suction and deflation of the cylinder through the system.
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