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How To Solve The Tablet Chipping Problems?

Aug 09, 2021

The tablet press is a machine that presses dry granular or powdery materials into tablets through a mold. According to different models, tablet presses can be divided into single-punch tablet presses, flower basket tablet presses, rotary tablet presses, sub-high-speed rotary tablet presses, fully automatic high-speed tablet presses and rotary core-spun presses Tableting machine.

The function and application range of different types of tablet presses are different, but they usually encounter the same problem, that is, the problem of fragmentation.

Then why does a split occur? The main reason is that there is too much fine powder in the particles. There is air in the particles during compression.

The speed during compression is relatively fast. The gap between the punch and the die hole is relatively small, and the air is not removed from the particles during compression. , Is enclosed in the sheet, when there is no pressure, the air will expand, which will cause splits.

Fragments due to particles that do not meet the requirements by pill press automatic

When the texture is loose and too much fine powder causes cracks, the improvement method should adjust the concentration and dosage of the binder, and improve the granulation method to overcome it. When the granules are too dry and the drug containing crystal water is lost too much to cause splinters, the water content of the granules should be controlled according to different varieties during granulation.

Due to improper selection of adhesive splinters

When granulating, there is too little binder, insufficient viscosity, after the granules are dried, and too much fine powder, the dry granules are too hard, which may cause disintegration difficulties and pitting on the surface, so the binder should be added appropriately;

if the fine powder is too much , Can sieve out a little; the granules made by automatic rotary tablet making machine are too hard, should be reworked to re-granulate and add disintegrate.

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