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Troubleshooting And Solutions Of Capping Machine In Counting Machine Line

Aug 09, 2021

Capping machine in counting machine line is mainly used to tighten and loosen the caps of plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc. Capping machine is widely used.

It is a very common packaging machine. It is usually connected with tablet counting machine.

With the gradual tightening of market packaging and the gradual diversification of packaging styles, people also put forward higher requirements for the capping machine of electronic counting machine.

The pressure of the capping machine is strict. From simple manual capping to mechanical automatic capping, high, medium and low-grade products meet the customer needs of different capping. Screw caps on bottles of different materials.

General problems and solutions of capping machine in operation can refer to the following items:

1. The failure of automatic switch caused by the movement of microswitch or photoelectric switch. In case of such failure, the working position of position switch or photoelectric switch can be adjusted, or the switch can be changed.

2. The starting current caused by the short circuit between the motor stage winding and the shell and the short circuit between the motor wiring and the grounding wire. On the one hand, this fault can check the motor and on the other hand, check whether the relevant wires are loose.

3. The acceleration time setting of the automatic capping machine in automatic counting machine line is too short and the overcurrent fault during acceleration caused by the electric shock capacity exceeding the capacity of the frequency converter can appropriately extend the  value setting time, and the capacity of the electric motor cannot be changed at will.

4. If the voltage in operation is too high due to the excessive change of power supply voltage, it can be easily solved by adding a reactor to the power supply input or reducing the power supply voltage appropriately.

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