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Installation And Maintenance Of Blister Packing Machine

Jul 16, 2021

1.Unpacking the blister packing machine automatic and check for damage during transportation.

2. Machine shall be installed horizontally in the room without foot screws, with a 12mm thick rubber pad under the seat to avoid damage to the ground for long use and movement. To prevent vibration.

3. Fully clean it before startup, wipe the oil or dirt with soap water or detergent, and then dry it with a towel or soft cloth.

4. Professional personnel shall be arranged to operate and repair the machine.

5. For safe production, it shall be connected to the ground mark position.

6. The operator must fully read the operating manual and fully understand the manufacturing performance, structure, principle and use methods of the blister packaging machine.

7. After operation, each die guide plate shall be reduced to loose opening state and cut off.

8. During long-term shutdown and reuse, comprehensive inspection shall be conducted and cleaned before operation.

9. Shall regularly check all pipe joints, fasteners, etc., and pay attention to any loosening.

10. The capsule blister packing machine shall be kept clean (especially the electrical elements) and shall be repaired or replaced in case of damage.

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