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How To Deal With Tablet Weight Error Of Pharmaceutical Tablet Press

Jul 22, 2021
1. The particle size distribution is not uniform, and the particle velocity is not the same when the tablet is pressed by the pharmaceutical tablet press, which leads to the uneven particle size in the mold hole. The particles should be mixed or the excessive fine powder should be screened out.

2. When the fine powder adheres to the punch to form a hanging punch, the difference of sheet weight is large. Treatment: at this time, the lower impulse spring is not sensitive, so check it in real time, remove the die, and clean the lower and middle die holes.

3. The fluidity of particles is not good, and the amount of particles flowing into the middle die hole is more or less, which causes the difference of sheet weight to be too large and beyond the limit. Treatment: should be from the beginning of granulation or to participate in the appropriate flow aids such as silica gel powder, improve the fluidity of particles.

4. Particle stratification. Processing method of pharmaceutical tablet pressing machine: particle layering, reducing particle size difference.

5. For smaller tablets, larger particles should be used. Treatment: select the appropriate size of particles.

6. The feeding hopper of tablet compression machine is blocked, which often occurs in the drug with strong stickiness or dampness. Treatment methods: dredge the hopper, keep the tablet pressing dry, and properly participate in the flow aid treatment.

7. There is a great difference in the storage capacity of materials. Treatment: control within 50%.

8. The feeder is unbalanced or not installed in place, resulting in uneven packing. Treatment: balanced feeder or installed in place.

9. The scraping plate of pharmaceutical tablet press is not satisfied or the installation is not good. Treatment: leveling.

10. The fit between punch and middle die hole is not good. Treatment: the punch and die should be changed.

11. The dog teeth are staggered and out of tolerance, resulting in uneven filling. Treatment: repair the error, the error is ± 5 μ Within 5 m.

12. The damping force of the damping screw of the punching belt under the pharmaceutical tablet press is not good. Treatment: adjust from the beginning.

13. The filling track of tablet making machine rotary is worn or the filling mechanism is unstable. Treatment: change or stabilize.
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