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Parameter Setting Factors Of Capsule Counting Machine

Aug 24, 2021

Some factors that affect the parameter setting of the capsule and tablet counter:

tablet counting machine

①The size of the outlet of the material silo has a great influence on the separation state of the material on the vibration plate.

If the opening is too large, it will directly affect the amount of material flowing out and the speed is too fast, so it is not that the larger the opening, the faster the counting speed.

②The PLC system sets the vibration frequency of the three-level vibration plate. Setting the parameter too large may cause adverse effects, and the ineffective separation of materials will affect the counting accuracy.

③The size and size parameters of the material should be set on the PLC of tablet counting machine.

The appearance size of the product is directly related to the ray emission time and receiving time of the photoelectric detection channel.

The unreasonable time setting of the two will cause the counting machine to be unable to distinguish the materials and affect the counting speed.

capsule counting machine

④It is necessary to set the counting production speed of the automatic counting machine. Because the setting of this parameter of the general pellet counter is too small, it will slow down the counting speed, because the time is mainly wasted on the separation of materials.

On the other hand, if the parameter setting is too large, the product will not be properly separated on the vibrating plate, which will bring about serious consequences that affect the accuracy of counting.

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