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Basic Working Principle Of Automatic Cartoning Machine

Aug 24, 2021

If you set up or build a company or factory and need to purchase and use an automatic cartoning machine, then you need to first understand the working principle of the automatic cartoning machine.

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RICH PACKING is here to introduce you to the basic working principle of the cartoning machine.

The most common type of carton packaging machine is the production process of folding medicine bottles, ointment hoses, medicine plates, or bottle-like and bag-like daily necessities, etc., together with the instructions into the carton and finally completes it together.

A series of actions such as closing the lid.

The feed inlet of the automatic cartoning machine of RICH PACKING is generally divided into three, they are the manual inlet, the material inlet and the machine package box inlet.

The whole process of this kind of medicine cartoning machine from material feeding to final packaging and forming can be simply divided into four stages, namely, unboxing, unboxing, filling and closing.

The box-loading action is generally that the system sucks a carton from the carton feeding port by controlling a suction cup, and then descends to the main line of the cartoning through a preset trajectory.

The action of opening the box is to fix the carton by a rail card position and then use a push plate to open the carton.

At the same time, there will be two forwardly movable card positions on the rail to lift up, jam the side of the carton to realize the box Open the box.

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Wait for the carton to open at a right angle before sending it to the designated filling area, where the filling is completed.

Finally, the device of the medicine carton packaging machine will fold the ears into the left and right guide rails, thus completing the lid closing action. This is the basic working principle of the rich packing cartoning machine.
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