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The Advantage Of Rich Packing's Tablet Press Machine

Jun 04, 2021

1. How to solve heavy dust in the production process (the dust source mainly hovering above the turntable) solve this problem:

Rich packing’s tablet press machine except 17 and 20 strokes, other presses are using double vacuum structure, and have 6 vacuum points, which can greatly reduce the dust on the turntable.

2. And double vacuum is the overall vacuum suction in tablet making machine, will not affect the material recovery; double vacuum suction is the surface of the turntable and the upper part, can not wash the lubricating oil part, so the recovered dust will not touch the lubricating oil.

3. Our pill press machine rollers are equipped with a locking function outside, so the pressure and feed levels do not change once the machine is adjusted.

4. Our molds are all European standard molds, such as D molds, B molds and BB molds, better material, more durable.

5. Our chip press adopts single-sided double outlet material, left feeding, right vacuum special structure, can be vernacular before feeding, vacuum effect is better.

6. Picture of the integrated fuselage, the main structure is not splicing, the structure is stronger, the service life of the equipment is longer, three times higher than the cost of splicing.

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