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The Type Of Punch And Force Feeder In Tablet Press Machine

Jun 04, 2021

***  The type of punch

1. The white material above the mold is polyunsaturate, which can prevent the mold, such as pressed sheet candy material.

2. Gold mold is titanium plated, this is suitable for pressed metal powder by tablet making machine.

***Type of forced feeder:

1.closed forced feeder in tablet press machine and open forced feeder are generally more suitable for high-speed press, and is a particle type of material.

2.Open forced feeder of tablet press machine, which is more suitable for dry powder, such as disinfection tablets, washing tablets of this type.

Role of the forced feeder:

One is to solve the material liquidity problem, if the material liquidity is poor, the forced feeder must be used.

Second, when the pressure and filling volume is unstable, loose pieces and fragments are more, and the pressure out of the tablet above the pay more powder, with a forced feeder can also solve this problem.

Does the bubbling tablet need a forced feeder? This can not be generalized, because the bubbling tablets mainly require the environment and humidity, but it is recommended to bring it better.

Little knowledge Points:

Can the powder can press the tablet directly? Can it not exceed 100 items?

Powder press can also be pressed, such as below 150 items, if the proportion of the material is relatively large, plus the forced feeder or can suppress molding, but if the powder is relatively light as mug wort leaf, alderman powder these powder, it is not good ah, must make particles. Generally 80 items below particles, 80 items above powder.

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