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The Application of Blister Packaging Machine in Phamacy Packing Field

Jun 27, 2021

The 160R blister packaging machine has been widely sold to many countries and regions, and is well received by international and foreign customers.

It is really a very good expert, packing all kinds of tools at a stable high speed to give a very good packaging product.

This kind of equipment has low operating cost, good function, complete and economical application.

capsule tablet blister packing machine

The blister packaging machine is fully active in the entire packaging process, which gives customers time to do a lot of other tasks without monitoring it all day long.

Thus, it can greatly reduce more unnecessary Waste time for customers and it can greatly reduce the amount of unnecessary rest for factories and companies.

The equipment has a very high speed to ensure its high efficiency and very good traction accuracy with zero errors to ensure a complete project packaging quality.

160R blister packaging machine is a new type of equipment, it will not let anyone despair, if it does not work, it will not withdraw the packaging material.

This machine makes full use of the design of the cast steel average forming floor-standing box seat in forming, heat sealing and other aspects, so that the shape of each part is stable.

All the adjustments of all these stations are convenient, light, sensitive and precise.

After the packaging is completed, because the design of the large platform is scientific and reasonable, the operator will certainly not have difficulties in washing and protecting it.

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