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New Type And New Design Capsule Tablet Counting Counter Machine

Jul 06, 2021

This is a fully active electric counter machine that can fully combine multiple machines to form a fully active counting and bottling production line in production.

This machine is an upgraded new version, which not only has the original good advantages, but also adds many new technology to serve customers in enterprise production.

This machine 16H type is adequately designed with suitable design to ensure smooth installing of parts and convenient operation.

This is a high-precision active electronic capsule counter machine with an accuracy rate of over to 99.98%, which is higher than the counting machine's industry.

It is suitable for the solid objects of various specifications, is easy to clean and protect, and there is no dust causing the any signal short circuit or any error.

The 16H machine can handle all kinds of counting work smoothly, even for irregular work and 16 H runs stably all the time.

This is not only an intelligent one, but also a good assistant helper, an excellent expert and this is a very easy using electronic counting machine.

The touch screen PLC of this machine is very effective. It has a data storage function that setting and can store 20 sets of data forever.

So it is very effective, because this capsule tablet counting counter machine does not need to be adjusted frequently, because once the storage settings be set, the data can exist forever.

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