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The Most Popular Model Of Capsule Filling Machine

Jun 07, 2021
The most popular model of capsule filling machine is the NJP series 800C.

The model of NJP-800C fully automatic capsule filling machine is the third generation, the newest one of Rich Packing Company, and 6 technological innovations plus 2 invention patents haven been obtained, and meets numerous certifications haven been passed by our Rich Packing company.

We have our own professional factory, high-tech talents, excellent technology and etc, all these ensure the capsule filling machine is profession, the high quality, the scientific design, the reasonable structure.

This 800C capsule making machine does zero harm to the operator who using it, the concept of the safety has always been through all the machine deign process, thus all the key parts of equipment are safe.

NJP-800C automatic gelatin capsule filling machine can work fully automatically without operating by people all the running time, and the loading rate is precise, the operation is stabilized, and it is clean, in accord with the GMP cGMP standrads rules.

This capsule filler equipment is accurate in mold concentricity and it has zero deviation, thus the capsule is intact without the any wiping and zero damage. This machine has the functions of automatic rejection, all the defected capsules will be rejected by it, dramatically improves the charging high efficiency.

NJP-800C automatic hard shell capsule filling machine is easy to clean and maintain, and it can work at the high speed, it has high production capacity of 48,000 pcs per hour. It has the separation device, which can isolate the powder from the waste capsules, avoiding any pollution of the reclaimed powder. And this kind of 800C capsule filling machine product has been sold to all parts of the world, and it draws the attention of the world.
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