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All Advantages Of Blister Packing Machine |

Sep 04, 2021

These blister packaging machine aluminum-plastic refers to the advantages of these similar overseas products, have the beautiful appearance and the extremely low noise.

The advantages also have the compact structure, turbulent operation, simple operation, DPP blister machine adopts internal heating method, PVC heat is evenly heated, and blister molding is very firm.

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There is no loss of the bubbles during shutdown and start up, to prevent the waste of packaging materials.

The filling, foam absorption, reticulated heat sealing, the batch number printing and good plate blanking can all continue homework.

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DPP series blistering machine is easy to install, debug and easy to repair, small space in size, good in price, and light in the weight.

It is the advanced type aluminum-plastic blister packing machine internationally and on abroad.

The alu pvc blister packaging machine adopts the auto control technology of the frequency conversion speed regulation.

And the integration of machine, electricity, light and gas, and has the implements innovative design strictly in accordance with the requirements of pharmaceutical GMP and CE;

it has the adjustable stroke, image and text photo electricity, and adopts station structure Modular, aluminum and plastic, aluminum and aluminum, aluminum and plastic and aluminum three-purpose.

The spare parts are split and combined that can enter the 1.5m elevator and the connected pollution production workshop that has been renovated.

The task reasons of the a blister packer machine aluminum-plastic is that this model heats the PVC to the set temperature already through the PVC heating equipment.

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