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The Advantages Of Flat Blister Packaging Machine Selection |

Sep 04, 2021

The blister forming mold and the heat-sealing mold adopted by the flat plate type aluminum plastic blister packer machine are both flat-shaped.

blister packing machine

And the entire blistering process includes the preheating→the intermittent blow molding→the intermittent filling→the intermittent plate heat sealing→the intermittent typing and embossing→the Intermittent blanking.

The blister packaging machine flat plate aluminum plastic adopts the flat-plate molds for forming and sealing.

DPP models have these following advantages: the good molding quality, the high dimensional accuracy, and the good reproducibility of small parts;

the finished blister is beautiful and crisp, the wall thickness is average, and the gloss is very good;

The plates are flat type and does not warp; the plate display is sensitive, the adaptability to plate size data changes is strong, and the forming area is large size;

blister packaging machine

A larger stretch ratio can be obtained with the film of the different thickness (the maximum blister forming depth of the blister plate can reach 35 mm or more).

Because it can adopt the compound positive pressure molding technology (applying the punch and the body pressure), the blister molding process can be completed in the running process, so the blister with a complicated shape can be formed by blister packing machine.

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