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Annual Maintenance Plan For Blister Packaging Machine

Oct 14, 2021

blister packing machine

1. Check whether the electrical connectors in the electrical cabinet under the blister packaging machine are loose.

2. Check whether the power supply voltage of the equipment meets the requirements for the power-on status of the electrical components.

3. Observe whether the temperature controller on the operation panel of the electronic system is working properly.

4. Check the inside and outside of the blister packaging machine equipment to be clean, free of dust, and no falling products.

5. The oil in the vacuum pump device needs to be replaced regularly.

6. Fill the guide post of the blister, heat-seal and knife plate lifting mechanism of the DPP series blister packaging machine with grease, and replace the bearing if necessary.

7. From time to time, check whether the blades of the transverse cutting and slitting mechanism are worn out, and replace them if necessary.

8. Carry out power-on test test on the machine after the annual inspection in time, the main purpose is to check whether each operating mechanism is working normally,

9. After the maintenance of the blister packaging machine, the control handles should be placed in the non-working position, the electrical control switches, knobs, etc. should be returned to the "0" position, and the power supply should be cut off.

blister packaging machine

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