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The Functions Of The Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Oct 14, 2021
The fully-active capsule filling machine has the functional characteristics of the more advanced predecessors in the world. The fully-active capsule filling machine is a standardized series. It is easy to change the mold and have to exchange clean tools. The fully-active capsule filling machine uses a high-precision, low-vibration, Noisy operation, less than 70 decibels of activity noise, the difference in dosage is controlled at + /-3%, the probability of capsules on domestic machinery exceeds 99.5%; the motor components for active capsule filling are made in Japan by well-known brands such as Siemens and Omron. , The control system is safe and reliable.

capsule filling machine

The fully active capsule filling platform adopts hard chrome coating, which is lubricated on the surface, not easy to deform, prevents rust, and increases the hardness; the parts directly in contact with the medical powder are 304 and 316, high quality, rust-free, and fully compatible with GMP pharmaceutical factories Specifications. Fully active capsule filling can be equipped with a medical powder collector according to the user's requirements, which can effectively directly receive and take over lost materials and improve the economic benefits of pharmaceutical companies.

The hopper of the active capsule filling machine takes the initiative to guess the alarm. If the shell is empty, it is required to fill the granular powder to meet the three materials to meet the requirements of the release of functional capsules, tablets and drugs. The fully active capsule filling machine has a built-in isolation method for the deep tray, which reduces powder leakage and strengthens the mechanism, making it easier to wash. The effective control of the peripheral dose of the tray is very effective in receiving the powder in the dose and reducing dust at the same time.

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